Next Generation Approach
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In celebration of the 15-year anniversary of the AWI Plan, this report highlights many of the collective accomplishments and frames future opportunities that the Anacostia waterfront holds for the District.
This progress report looks beyond the AWI Plan’s original boundaries confined to publicly owned waterfront edges and includes adjacent communities along the waterfront. The report focuses on the following thematic areas which also correlate to the original chapters/themes of the AWI Plan:
Washington, DC has made great strides on the Anacostia waterfront, but there is still work to do.
Large publicly controlled sites like RFK Stadium, Hill East, and Poplar Point are still in planning or early stages of redevelopment. Since the AWI Plan, the District has increasingly grown in its consciousness and commitment to the issue of equity as the pressure of significant population growth increases concerns around housing affordability and economic opportunity. Long a leader in sustainability, the District is now also working to advance policies and projects that support a more resilient city, which means adapting to climate change and flood risk in waterfront areas. There is also a growing understanding of how the waterfront can invite innovation and sustain the District’s competitive advantage on a world stage. Looking forward, the District is committed to focusing on equity and inclusive prosperity, next generation resilience, innovative design, and sustainable growth.
Resurgence of the Anacostia Waterfront