A Message from Mayor Muriel Bowser
It’s the Year of the Anacostia and Washingtonians are celebrating many milestones and achievements along the Anacostia River, including the 15-year anniversary of the Anacostia Waterfront Framework Plan.
Led by the District of Columbia government, and embraced by 19 regional and federal agency partners, our vision is to reconnect the river to make possible widespread access to the water and its new parks as well as recreational, cultural, residential, and commercial centers.

As we’ve completed subsequent plans, policies, projects, and legislative measures, the original goals and recommendations of the forward-looking Anacostia Waterfront Framework Plan remain a foundational compass. Fifteen years later, these goals still resonate with continued significance for the Anacostia waterfront, with transformative new destinations, green spaces, and blossoming economic opportunities for District residents.

In 2016, my Administration established the Anacostia Waterfront Interagency Working Group, led by the Office of Planning with the goal of formalizing collaboration to maximize the potential of the Anacostia Waterfront for economic development, revitalization, recreation, and environmental value, while promoting resilience and equity. This Anacostia Waterfront Progress Report is a summary of how far we’ve come and a look-ahead to what comes next.

Washington, DC is a growing city, and we see this growth along the Anacostia waterfront. Between 2010 and 2025, we are expecting to add an estimated 35,000 new residents in waterfront neighborhoods; in 2018, we are well on our way to achieving this goal.
"Washington, DC is a waterfront city."
Resurgence of the Anacostia Waterfront